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Mostly butt stuff Monday

Marvin, 6/6/16

You know, if you’d asked me a few years ago if I’d eventually get bored pointing out the scatological horrors of Marvin, I would’ve said yes, so shoutout to the creative team for “keeping it fresh,” as it were, and producing strips so disgusting that I feel compelled to discuss them! Today’s a real treasure trove of shittiness. The ostensible joke is that Marvin “breaks in” his new baby sitter by taking massive dumps, which in ordinary circumstances would be horrifying enough, but the strip’s visuals really take it to the next level! Specifically, take a look at how her hands wrap around Marvin’s butt. They look way too big, don’t they? And the fingers aren’t clearly delineated? It almost looks as if the colorists mistook Marvin’s diaper for her hands and gave it a caucasian flesh tone fill, but it seems pretty clear that those are thumbs wrapping around his waist, so I guess we have no choice but to see this strip for what it is: a depiction of a baby sitter with weird, diaper-esque hands wrapped around the butt of a grinning baby who’s cheerfully thought-ballooning about the volume and/or quality of feces he’s expelling while she grimaces in what appears to be physical pain.

Shoe, 6/6/16

This is one in a long line of vaguely dirty jokes made about Missouri’s genuinely funny state motto, but I’m having a good time thinking about it literally. There are about six million people who live in Missouri. Imagine them all lined up along the Mississippi River, hundreds and hundreds of miles of them, all dropping their pants and waggling their butts at their disgusted neighbors in Illinois. It would be soothing. Hypnotic, even.

Judge Parker, 6/6/16

Hey, remember that article I wrote about the Silicon Valley billionaire who secretly orchestrated Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker as part of a long-running revenge plot? Well that’s going to look like a gentle hug compared to what the Spencer-Drivers have in store for this no-good reporter. They’ll probably have the special ops team they have on call disappear her to some black site, forever. Coverage of Spencer-Driver business interests are gonna get a lot more fawning, in a hurry.

There’s no “i” in “team,” but there is one in “DUI”

Gil Thorp, 5/11/16

I think we’re finally figuring out the theme this spring’s Gil Thorp storyline, everybody. The Baders père et fil are going to learn the value of teamwork. For instance, it’s unseemly to get too excited about your individual performance in a game where your team got shellacked. Similarly, all of us on the public roads are on a team together, and a good way to let your team down is to get real drunk and swerve all over the road. Anyway, get used to talking to your dad through some kind of barrier, kid!

Marvin, 5/11/16

I have to imagine that one of the most satisfying things about being a daily cartoonist is your ability to get your revenge on anyone, at any time, as long as that time is the six-to-eight week publishing lead time after the thing you want revenge for has happened. “Oh, there’s going to be a comic about this. Maybe multiple comics,” you think, silently, in your mind, as you glare at the person you’re mad at. “You will be depicted in an extremely unflattering light!” The person never finds out because literally nobody reads the comics anymore, but you know. You know.

Thursday quickies

Judge Parker, 3/31/16

It’s Sam’s smug little smile that really sells this strip for me. “These plebes are crushed by medical debt and they still can’t bring themselves to grift my family, the most unlikeable group of rich assholes in town! The revolution is still years off.”

Marvin, 3/31/16

or maybe

just pee literally anywhere you want

you being a dog and all