What is this? GOOSETRAX®* is a customized locator, created using Google Maps, of Comics Curmudgeon Bible Bird Band release points and destinations during the Fall 2011 fundraiser.

Update: Following reports of Bible Bird Bands lost or mangled in the mail, GOOSETRAX now shows last-known locations of missing geese, to assist rescue workers in their wild goose chase.

Update 2: Replaced with static image 11/1/2011; all contributor information removed from database.

How does it work? When we receive your contribution for the 2011 Comics Curmudgeon Fall Fundraiser, we will convert your ZIP or Postal Code (not your address) into geographic coordinates and enter them into the GOOSETRAX database. This will cause a goose to appear on the GOOSETRAX map above, in Comics Curmudgeon posts from Wednesday October 12 through Saturday October 15, and in occasional Metaposts for a few weeks following the fundraiser.

Can I customize my goose? Yes! When viewers click on a goose, the contributor’s ZIP or Postal Code will appear by default. If you would prefer a different message, please include it with your contribution, under “Enter your screen name …” on the PayPal page, or in your envelope. Please limit your message to 140 or fewer characters, follow the Comics Curmudgeon posting and discussion policies, and do not include personally identifiable information. We will edit out anything that looks to us like a real name or address to avoid inadvertent disclosure of private information.

Can I opt out of GOOSETRAX? Sure. Substitute “No thanks” for your message and we will not add your geographic information to the database. A goose may appear in your ZIP or Postal Code area if someone else there contributes, but it won’t be yours.

How do I work the map? Just like other Google Maps — see Google’s excellent User Guide for details. Your use of Google Maps implies acceptance of their Terms of Service.

GOOSETRAX Privacy Policy — The GOOSETRAX database and map reveal the latitudes and longitudes of locations in contributors’ ZIP or Postal Codes, and either the ZIP or Postal Codes themselves or messages supplied by contributors. This information will be publicly available through the Comics Curmudgeon website. We will deliberately limit geographic information to public or commercial locations so that, to the best of our knowledge, stored locations will not be contributors’ mailing addresses. We will also screen messages and exclude any information that appears to be personally identifiable or violates the Comics Curmudgeon posting and discussion policies. The maps, database, and all associated content will be withdrawn from public availability at the end of the Comics Curmudgeon 2011 Fall Fundraiser and followup “Metaposts”; this date will not be later than December 1, 2011. If you wish to modify or take down previously posted information, or have questions about GOOSETRAX or this policy, please contact

OK, are we done here? I think we’re done.

— Uncle Lumpy

* GOOSETRAX is not an actual registered trademark.