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Mary Worth, 7/14/24

Dawn has said a couple times that she and her mother don’t agree on politics but hasn’t offered any specifics, and this reminds me that at one point I tried to come up with a list of the political ideologies of the whole Mary Worth cast and immediately decided that neither Wilbur nor Dawn had ever voted in their lives. I’m imagining that her mother is a fairly middle-of-the road suburban type, maybe a former Romney Republican who became an MSNBC lib during the Trump era; she mostly just wants Dawn to at least register to vote, and thinks her daughter refuses to do so because she’s one of those protesting anti-electoralist leftists like her friends’ kids who go to Ivy League and Seven Sisters colleges, when in fact Dawn just finds everything about the American system of governance “confusing” and thinks about it as little as possible.

Anyway, I know Wilbur’s emotionally fragile right now, but I regret to tell him that “Let’s do something fun this week!” doesn’t sound like a plan at all! It actually sounds like what you’d say if you don’t want to hang out with someone but also don’t want to explicitly say that, and you hope that not nailing down any specifics will allow you to get out of a social obligation unnoticed.

Judge Parker, 7/14/24

So it turns out Sophie had a little problem with a rip current and was rescued not by Lucas, the increasingly whiny drip who has a crush on her, but by his hunkier, significantly chiller older brother Glen, and I thought that was setting up a tired love triangle type story? Except no, what it’s actually setting up an exciting underwater zombie type story and I am immediately 100% on board for it. Sorry hunks! It’s zombie time now.

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Rex Morgan, M.D., 7/13/24

Hey, he got made but he didn’t get caught, seeing as he’s standing right here in front of you a free tween. He can still pull this off! Look, his shirt is exactly same color as the couch, you could easily camouflage him as part of the decor when the cops show up!

Mary Worth, 7/13/24

DAWN [thinking]: “Ha ha, when he says they ‘saved’ him, he probably means he once again fell into the water and they had to fish him out, right? He doesn’t mean they saved him emotionally, right? Not gonna ask that out loud. Better just to assume. Don’t really want to know the truth.”

Gil Thorp, 7/13/24

[getting increasingly agitated] Wait, who won it? Who is the winner?? [calming down] Oh, right, it’s a literary device to create suspense, we’ll find out tomorrow, that’s fine, I can wait [suddenly getting agitated again] Oh NO it’s SATURDAY, Gil Thorp doesn’t run on Sundays, I gotta wait till Monday, HOW AM I GONNA WAIT TILL MONDAY

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OK, not quite 20 years, as I didn’t start picking a comment of the week until April 2005, and didn’t start doing weekly roundups until September 2006, but still: this storied tradition continues as usual, today, and every week, forever:

A leather wearing lady and an elongated sandwich? That’s a dom/sub relationship.” –Philip

Your runners up also carry the torch of all who came before them!

“Nothing like barging in on your dad while he’s on his laptop and thinks you’re 2000 miles away. Dawn’s next line: ‘So, I see you’re still into fish porn.’” –Peanut Gallery

“Think of all the majestic views we could have been enjoying of historic Bridgeport, Waterbury, and the Groton Submarine Works.” –Ukulele Ike

“Walt pretty much had to go through God for this damage claim. Whoever he insured his house through originally would have died nearly a hundred years ago.” –jroggs

“So Slylock rounded up the suspects and they just happened to be called Tony and Frederico? If you thought Slylock’s anti-amphibian racial profiling was bad, just wait until you hear what the Italian-American Civil Rights League has to say.” –Schroduck

“Extra wrinkle in the case is the fact that the alleged ‘frog’ has a belly button, a smoking gun for placental mammalian lineage. I sense unacknowledged Count Weirdly offspring.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

Giving the sandwich eyes makes things even more complicated. Is this some kind of lab experiment where a sandwich has become a sentient being? Is the bread alive and the sandwich fillings are inanimate? Or does placing the meat and cheese into the bread give it life? This is a lot to stomach.” –Old School Allie Cat

“The best detail of Six Chix today is that our inamorata was already pretty deep into her make-out session with a giant sandwich before she found out it could speak. What did she think before this point? That the sandwich was merely large and inanimate? That it was animate but ultimately mute? Presumably she was angling towards eating the sandwich; has this revelation changed her plans at all?” –BananaSam

“Now is it possible, just possible, that Dawn’s mother was grooming her to inherit her international crime syndicate, and sent her back when she failed some unspoken test? That’s probably too exciting for Mary Worth, but it did happen in The Phantom, so it can’t be that exciting.” –Navigator

You think that’s uncomfortable? Just look at my body! I have the ribcage of an obese pigeon! My arm isn’t even connected to my torso! For this hat to stay on I must be a conehead!!” –pugfuggly

“Jeffy is going to be punished severely for referencing ‘horses’ where he could have used ‘Jesus.’” –nescio

“Judging from the shovel, my guess is Cherry’s next line will be: ‘Only you can prevent forest fires!’ These will also be her last words.” –Pozzo

“The bear speaks fluent ursine as well, Cherry. So when you tell him to leave, he’s just going to say ‘no.’” –cheech wizard

“Poor Greta. Braces aren’t going to fix the generations of forced inbreeding that resulted in the misery you live through every day. Look at the bright side though. If you were human, you’d be royalty.” –Tabby Lavalamp

Rex Morgan M.D. is a ‘Schlubs Paradise’ where a middle-aged man’s doughy and uninteresting charms can reign supreme in all aspects of life. I’ve always said Wilbur is in the wrong comic. He should come over to Rex’s strip where he can live like a king! A sweaty, mediocre king!” –2+2=7

“‘Look, Parker, people get bullied for all sorts of…’ ‘Shut up, old man, before I jam an IV into your eye.’ ‘Sorry, Parker.’ ‘Man, I feel better already. Maybe bullying is for me!’ Feeling down, depressed, hospitalized? Is bullying for you? Ask your doctor, unless your doctor is Rex Morgan. Then ask a different doctor. Side effects of bullying may include high self-esteem, an increased peer group, and bruised knuckles. Bullying. It’s for everyone!” –Voshkod

“Pluggers live in hot climates and dress appropriately? I’m not feeling this one.” –matt w

“This is Milford! We have no use for your Lord and your Roy Rogers’ manager cosplay! Hell, most of the kids think you’re wearing the Arby’s logo. Is that how you want to be remembered? As the guy in the Arby’s hat?” –KMD

“I wonder what poor actor Frank Nelson who died 38 years ago could possibly have done to be in a Hell where he has to be semi-regularly summoned from the grave to appear in a Gasoline Alley comic strip? Of course, that makes me wonder what I did to wind up in this reality where Gasoline Alley continues to be published. Something so horrible, I must have blocked it from my conscious mind.” –Old Man Shadow

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