The Comics Curmudgeon 2023 Summer Fundraiser

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— Uncle Lumpy

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These are the current (summer 2023, non-rotating) banners:

Snuffy Mary Hägar Bear Slots

These are the banners from the summer of 2022:

Sam ‘n’ Abbey Tildy Owl Wilbur Sophie Toby
Nancy Helen

These banners are from Summer 2021:

Edda ‘n’ Amos Janis Ahab April Buck Cassandra
Cherry Claude Manx Connie Cravings Ba ba ba! Dog
Dogs Drew Mermaid love Floaty monk Hi! Huda
In a Funk Kitty Cop Liberty Marvin Mozz Nancy
New Trail Bijinesu no onna Ox ‘n’ Tiff People Phoebe Pizza
Randy Sarge Sophie Tommy Fist o’ Justice Flame War

These banners are from the COVID summer of 2020 (brr…):

Arlo/Janis Arlo/Janis 2 Bernice Funky Bot Jeffy, cheap! Brad ‘n’ TJ
Bugsy Chix Dawn ‘n’ Jared Generous Dawn Open Wide Flash ‘n’ Ted
Burn George Wilson Irish Khagan Les in Love Lizard King
The ‘Horns Phantoms Phoebe Prince AA Raven Sally ‘n’ Ted
Sophie Swim Mary Thorax Wall o’ Lame Wilbur Wise Ass

These banners are from summer 2019:

Arthur Circus Daryl Date Dirty Assets
Estelle’s beau Floaty Josh FOJ! Forths Hi and Lois Hugo and Dawn
Ian Mark Jeremy II Jeremy I Kadia Killgrave
Lemonade Mammy’s dream Three rocks Nancy Sally and Hil Spidey
Toby Vulture Walt Warbucks Wilbur and Estelle Wilbur
Janis Zumba Boink

These banners are from fall 2018:

Xmas Crank Walt Buck ‘n’ Bull Cat News Geezers Hagar ‘n’ Eddie
Hil & pals JJJ Loretta Spidey The Millers Thorp thug

And these are from summer 2018:

Sale! 3 Chix April Claude Manx Cranky Curtis
Dagwood Dennis Dawn Floaty Heads Henry & Alice Hilary
Iris Jackie Pierce butt Kath Luann Marvin
Otto Sally and Ted Tait Spidey Splash Stober Ax
Stober Ted & Mary Thoraxxx Hot Wilbur Wilbur Ziggy

And these are from the Fall 2017 Fundraiser:

Sam Catchem Chip ‘n’ Chick Dagwood Dawn Esme FBI
Granny Creeps Hi! Low Hi Maid Super Leroy L’il Randy
Luann Lab Lucky Eddie Mad Randy Mark punch Ned ‘n’ Dawn Pibgorn
Randy note Shady Snuffy Starbucks Thorp hands Toni
Tracy Val Zits elephant Mysto! Cheatin’ Dr. Ned

These are from Spring 2017:

Andy Pizza Sam Dick Edward Esma
Gas Alley Giraffe Hit it! Flagstons Hoosiers El Jeff
L’il Kim Lukey Marvin Mary Mutts Please?
Voice Crazy Sam Sarge Sherman Slylock Snails
Thug Zits Bernice Iris Dirty Tick, tick…

These from fall 2016:

Chix Andy Club Gil Becky Buttress! Artsex
Cindy Curtis Dagwood Dick Dog Love
Gil Animals Marvin Marvin Plunge Rikki
Sarge Shoe Spidey Ted Tina Tommy
Tommy II Tommy III Les ‘n’ Leese Mysta Mantes Wilbur
Ali Boars Zits Alan

These are the banners from the 2016 Spring Fundraiser:

Andy Capp Bitsy Boat Boom Chimp god Cliff Anger Code Gal
Duke End Guy Fish Foster & Esther Francis Fungus
Godiva & Abbey Harlan & Dawn Harlan Jones Heather & Milton Herb Hugh
Jordan & Jordan Kedzie Lena & Ed Leroy & Loretta Leroy Mark
Mary & Dawn Matty Stripey Sarge Preppie Rocky & Warbelle
Rocky & Waldo Rubes Sarah Snuffy Jughaid & Snuffy Steve Strange
Ted & Sally Ted Vultures Walt Duncan Weirdly Weirdly II
Wunbrow Jeremy & Sara

These are the banners from the Great Move West, during the summer of 2014:

$arah Arlo & Janis Stanley Olive’s Angel Team Annie April Bride
Barney Rachel ‘n’ Wally Bear Bonk Heathcliff Bil Bill
Spidey Queen B. Buxley Carol Cave Len Connie
Croc Daddy Dag Lily Drums Drunk Funky
Mary ‘n’ Olive Forths Funky Hagar Hawthorne Hi
Smokin’ Holly Honk! It’s Love! Jeremy Jerry
Jon Bad Doctor! Katherine Neddy Lockhorns Lust for Lisa
Martine Milford Momma Tommy Nazi Peter Parker
Camp Swampy Pastis is a stud Pearls Python Randy Parker Retro Les
Nice Ass! Sammitch Sarah Sarge Sly and Cass Sly
Sherman Spidey Stanley Ted Tracy Turtle
Val ‘n’ Aleta A Funky Wedding Wilbur and Iris Zits Mark horn Eddie
Doc Ock South Beverage Burma-Shave Game of Forths

These are from from Spring, 2014:

Aldo Band Guran Tanks Grubber Gil Girl
Bum Boat B-wad Cookie Crank Cyclops Dad
Doris Drone Duke Pop Pop Yak time! Lois
Jonah Dead Lisa Thou shalt! Nazis Mark Rex
Sarah 6 Diffs Thel Tommy Zero Duck
Doge Luann Luann 2 Mary down! Maeve totes Hero Tito

Here are the banners from the Fall 2013 fundraiser:

Adopt Aeronaut Avery Bad Girl Barn Believe!
Beth Buford Cranky Desert Dinkle Dithers
Lisa Lisa Lisa Falk Folks Frank Garbage Ape Green Home Greg ‘n’ Diane
Ham! Handsex Hil’s Crew Judge P. Juliet Jones Sarah
Leroy Lu Ann Mandrake Margaret Marvin MiMi
Momma Oakwood Onlooker Pig Rexy Ron ‘n’ Reg
Rusty Dino SCCM Sly Spidey TtT Teller
Tiffany Tina Tinkersons Val Wilbur Wud

Here are the banners from Spring, 2013:

Abby Bank Blue shot Beach Trash Stripey ‘n’ Savarna Winky
Crankshaft Captain Preppie Crunch Curtis Duck! Herd
Fronnk! Pat the Pig! Halftrack Hawthorne Hazel Heathcliff
Henry Blam! June Kidz Kingpin Les
Lockhorns Lu Ann Ludwig Mandrake Margo Marmaduke
Marvin Mary Mysta Reply All Sam ‘n’ Abby Savarna
Silas Spidey ‘n’ DD Blam 2 Faster! Fire!

Here are the banners from Fall, 2012:

Ann Eiffel Chainsaw! Righties Cherry Boring! Crankshaft
Edda Hill Folk Fillmore Gen. Amos Heathcliff J. Jonah
Wedding March Lila Lockhorns Aaaaah! Marty Mary 1
Mary 2 Mary 3 Mouse away! Ashes to ashes Otto Phantom
Noses Savarna Snuffy Blues Zits Andy!

Here are the banners from Fall, 2011:

Admin Andy Bad Girl Maddie Beetle Billy
Blaze Blue Brewster Bucanero Bus Camelot
Cash Cayla Vermin Crock Dale Devils
Dick Geese Gina Ponytail Goat Grim
Hagar Hobart Honk! Kelly Krack! Les!
More Les Lillian Lizz Lois Maldubh Malotte
Margo Marvin McQueen Morbius Nancy Pete & MJ
Pike Plugger Reply All Rex Rusty Sam & Abby
Sherman Slylock Spike Stripey Val Walt
Wilbur & Mary Halftrack Sly B-wad Dagwood NY Blaze
Jailbird Josh

Here are the banners from Spring, 2011:

Adrian and Scott Aleta Amato Arlo ‘n’ Janis Berna Bill Ellis
Brenda Girl Talk Constance Crock Dagwood Dawn ‘n’ Dad
Dawn Dennis Circle Flying Mark Gene Linsky ‘Bye, Jill!
Jill Jumble Les Lini Lu Ann Claude Manx
Modred Pensive Mark Quill ‘n’ Luann Seth Shoe Singles girl
Snuffy Ted Forth Trey Wilbur Wimpy Zits
Tender Moments

Here are the ones from Fall 2010:

Arlo and Janis J. Elhew Bisbee Brenda Starr Miss Buxley D’Buckworth Dead Lonnie
Draw a Bear Lee Falk 2 Funkies Greg ‘n’ Diane Hemp Trail Horde
Lonnie city Love Is Luann ‘n’ Tiff Makeover! Mary shrink Pluggers
Red Stu Sam ‘n’ Jules Slylock Snuffy Spot the Dif Stripey ‘n’ Stalky
Stripey Thorp girl Val ‘n’ Aleta Jenna Sassy Shoe ‘n’ Skyler
Marmaduke Ted Dagwood Buck

And from Spring, 2010:

Adrian Cory Aleta Valiant Angel Spidey Annie Arlo ‘n’ Janis Bad June
Bears Billy ‘n’ Dolly Bobbie Merrill Cathy Curtis Dagwood
Deer Dennis Diana Dixie Doc P. Edie
Enormoushop Flash ‘n’ Dale Floom! Gator Godiva Helen Clark
Jeffy Jumble Jury Kessler Kra-Koom! Kurt Lisa
Lisa II Loretta Luann Luhm Margo Mark
Ms. D’Vito Parker Plugger Rapids Sad June Savarna
Sheriff Snuffy Spidey Ted ‘n’ Sally Tommie Trail Kiss
Two Wilburs Wally ‘n’ Stumpy Wanda Wanted! Wilbur ‘n’ Kurt Zits
Grampy Mad Bobbie

From Fall, 2009:

Abby Ardin Alice Becka Cap’n Angry Charley Clown
Dark Margo Deathy McDeath Del ‘n’ Lawrence Delilah Doris ‘n’ Margo Dragon
Gabriella Gil Herb ‘n’ Jamaal Godiva Hil ‘n’ Faye June
Kwanzaa Lisa Loweezy Manly Rex Mark Mary
Narration Box Neddy Nora Mills Phil ‘n’ Duke Popeye Rusty
Ruthie Sam Sid Sly ‘n’ Cass Steely Margo Stripey ‘n’ Di
Sultry June Ted Tenzin Val H-Town! Crankshaft
Tiger Curate

These are from the Spring 2009 Pledge Drive:

Adrian Adrian II Alan/Haley Amos Beetle Brenda
Cedric Cherry Confey Crocco Warbucks Willie
DT Baddie Electro Gertie Gil Hil Forth Jeff
June Liz Det. Roberts Luann Mark Mary
3-G Men MT Thug Rex Sarah Savarna Spidey
Ted Forth

And finally, these are from September 2008:

Abby Alan Aldo Ashley Blondie Brenda
Chatu Crankshaft Curtis Derek_Onion Dixie Dolly
Edda Fred Funky Gil Herb_Jamaal Ian
Judge Parker Jughead June Les Lisa Luann
Mandrake Margo Mark Marmaduke Mary Masky
Moon Morgu Phantom Ray Rex Sam
Slylock Spiderman Squirrels Taze-R Ted TJ
Toby Tommie Toni Tracy Val Weirdly

Wasn’t that more fun than a lot of nasty old work? So how about a couple bucks for Josh?