The Internet Read Aloud: Live comedy about the Internet in Los Angeles

The Internet Read Aloud is a monthly comedy variety show about the Internet that happens in real life.

If you’ve ever yearned to have LA’s funniest people explain the horrors that lurk within ALF message boards, Sonic the Hedgehog’s fan art archives, the Flat Earth Wiki, James Franco’s YouTube channel, or their own Tinder in-boxes, this is the show for you. It’s every first Friday of the month at 8 pm, at The Clubhouse in Los Feliz, and it’s hosted by Josh Fruhlinger of Comics Curmudgeon fame. And it’s free! IRL laughs at URL prices!

If you are a funny person who wants to be in the show, we weant to hear from you! E-mail josh at and tell him your idea/sad story about how the Internet has warped your mind and ruined your life.