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The Boondocks, 9/30/04

Like a lot of us, The Boondocks has been in a more or less constant state of seething political rage for the past four years. Which is fine as far as it goes — there’s a lot of funny that comes out of angry. But it’s been too bad that the strip has jettisoned a lot of its cast in the process and become something of a daily diatribe. Some of the funniest Boondocks series have focused on the supporting cast (e.g., Tom getting kicked out of his house after his wife voted for Nader, Riley humiliated when his family found out that he listens to Lauren Hill).

Anyway, the strip has never shied away from doing meta strips-about-the-strips stuff, so it’s nice that in the process of reintroducing a long-missing character, the fact that she’s been long-missing is acknowledged in a funny way. It also takes the fact that everyone’s the same age all the time and turns it from an oddity into another joke.