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For Better Or For Worse, 1/17/05

You know, I’ve been on plenty of long, dull car trips with my mother, and I’m pretty sure that she’s never subtly encouraged me to pursue someone else’s spouse. Mostly we just play word games (“My name is Cathy, and I live in Cleveland and I sell … canaries!”).

I’ve been told (and as usual am too lazy to do the actual research to back this up) of a charming tradition in Mexican telenovelas: when the series is about to end, all the stops of these usually ever-so-subtle programs are pulled out, and all the main characters meet melodramatic, often fiery and violent, deaths. For Better Or For Worse is in fact going to wrap up in the near future, and perhaps that’s the plan for the strip. Elizabeth ends up in a vicious catfight with the hugely pregnant Thérèse for Anthony’s love. Michael and Deanna are pursued through the Northwest Territories by the Mounties after finally killing Deanna’s mother in a fit of wholly justified rage. John starts prescribing himself potent opiates and spends most of his days staring at his train sets in a blissed-out haze. And Ellie and April join forces to finally track down Kortney and give her what’s coming to her.

Elizabeth’s paper coffee cup is a nice visual touch. Presumably they’ve taken time out from plotting adultery to make a quick layover for supplies at the Stop N’ Go/Arrêtez Et Allez.