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For Better Or For Worse, 1/5/05

We bring you this scene of catty gossip mainly so I can remark on the name of Liz’s friend in red: “Shawna-Marie.” I think that’s funny. It’s like she’s a Québécois hillbilly!

Something that just occurred to me: Do Canada’s draconian language laws require Lynn Johnston to pen a French-language version of the For Better Or For Worse dialogue? I notice she’s real careful about getting the accents right on Thérèse’s name. You sure don’t want the Bloc Québécois all up on your ass, lemme tell you.

Incidentally, I’ve read this comic strip every day since I was about seven years old and I have no idea who those other two girls are. I mean, I know one of them is “Shawna-Marie,” but you know what I mean.