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Get Fuzzy, 3/16/05

Was Get Fuzzy in a slump the first few weeks it was in the Sun, or is it just the kind of strip where you have to get into the rhythm of it every day to really appreciate it? Either way, I recant my earlier doubt about the strip and am once again a believer.

This may seem a little counterintuitive, given that Satchel and Bucky are a sweet and emotionally vulnerable moron and a self-absorbed and cruel moron, respectively, but one of the reasons I like Get Fuzzy is because I’m a cat and dog lover. The strip actually keeps a lot closer to domestic animals personalities than most comics. Cats have a reputation for mysterious intelligence that any cat owner can tell you is entirely undeserved. They are great at moving and acting as if they know exactly what they’re doing at all times, even when what they’re doing is something incredibly stupid. (We watched our cat take a full minute to gather herself up, judge the distance between herself on the floor and the tabletop, and then launch herself directly into a lava lamp, which almost landed on top of her as they both plummeted to the ground.) Dogs don’t really exude that sort of self-confidence, but they do make rash decisions based on little to no information. I think that’s perfectly encapsulated in this exchange here. Also, I like the phrase “Been there, ate that.”

Incidentally, in my research for this post (yes, I do too do research), I read an online interview with Darby Conley from a few years ago in which he was asked if there was anything his syndicate wouldn’t let him get away with. He said wasn’t allowed to deal with “religion or poo.” Between this and last month’s shizzle outside the litter bizzle, I think at least one of those two have rules have gone out the window.