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For Better Or For Worse, 4/28/06

One think I respect about this particular installment of FBOFW is its determined adherence to its original vision. Consider: Clearly John’s statement in panel one is meant to be “she goes like a bat out of hell,” and, just as clearly, you can’t say “bat out of hell” in a family paper. But did they give in to The Man? Did they replace that mildly profane phrase with a completely new phrase that worked in context and made sense in and of itself? They did not. “Goes like a bat” it was, which implies that John’s sweet new ride navigates by sonar, eats insects and fruit, and dangles headlights-first from the garage rafters at night. That’s dedication!

Also, John’s emotional adultery with his cars: creepy. Also also, Gordon’s transformation into a doppelgänger of the soon-to-be-indicted Karl Rove: creepier.