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Rex Morgan, M.D., 8/26/04

OK, is it the jet lag, or did the art in Rex Morgan, M.D. change while I was away? I can’t pinpoint a day in the archives when everything changed, but things just seem different. The names on the strip are the same, but that doesn’t mean a thing in the seamy underworld of comic sweatshopery. Maybe Wilson and/or Nolan took a night class and wanted to show off some new techniques.

At first, I was a bit put off — I really like the art in this strip — but after squinting at it some it’s growing on me a bit. The polka-dot shadow on Rex’s face in the middle panel look kinda Roy Lichtenstein-esque. In fact, this strip reminds me a lot of “In the Car,” a Lichtenstein I’ve always liked.

(Jeez, look at that, I go to France for a couple of weeks and I’m getting all ooh-la-la-serious-art-referency. I gotta watch some TV.)