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Hagar the Horrible, 9/26/23

That big sweatball coming off of Lucky Eddie in the first panel tells the whole story here. “Ha ha, I’m a guy who’s crazy about beautiful women! Human women! Women with legs, not scaly fish tails! Not sure why you would think otherwise! Not sure why I even brought it up! Ha ha!”

Gasoline Alley, 9/26/23

Oh no, this child is already communicating like an animal! He’ll soon be lost to the human species altogether! Sure, he’s barking like a dog, not growling like a bear, and also the bear speaks English anyway, but the point is that we need to send Delta Force into this national forest immediately to extract this child and return him to normal H. sapiens society.

Beetle Bailey, 9/26/23

I was about to get mad that Beetle Bailey went to the trouble of putting a real QR code in this strip but then cut off enough of it at the top that you can’t actually see what it points to, but then I realized it probably points to some extremely bad naked Miss Buxley art so, you know what, I’m good.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 9/26/23

“I dunno man, I just thought it would end this conversation faster? I hoped it would, I guess I should say.”

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Blondie, 9/21/23

Way back in 2006 — which, I take no pleasure in reporting, was a full 17 years ago — there was a weird rash of syndicated newspaper comic strips doing jokes about how crazy it was that people would actually pay extra for distressed jeans. This was not exactly fresh material even then, but that didn’t stop They’ll Do It Every Time (RIP) and Six Chix and Pluggers and Curtis from making hay out of it. Normally I’d cruelly mock Blondie for being close to two decades late on this trend, but I do have to grudgingly respect the fact that instead of just laughing at this hot youth trend, Dagwood and Blondie are instead figuring out how to profit from it, like the innovators they are.

Marvin, 9/21/23

I genuinely kind of love that Jenny has the same bright smile in both the first and third panels of this comic. They even didn’t have a fight or anything! Instead she had the extremely freeing experience of hearing her spouse’s opinion and realizing she just didn’t care about it.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 9/21/23

Look, Rex Morgan, M.D., has one (1) recurring bad guy, so I’m going to need more evidence before I believe that he’s been brought to a state of blubbering catharsis by having his own pop-psychology scam repeated back to him by a roots country star. It seems more likely to me that, despite his understandable desire to get the money he’s owed, he’s been overcome by a similarly understandable desire to not hang around with these two drips anymore and sees a sudden change of heart/personality as a good opportunity to leave this scene behind him.

Mary Worth, 9/21/23

What do you guys think is in the bag, huh? A human head? It’s a human head, right? [everyone starts pounding rhythmically on the table] HU! MAN! HEAD! HU! MAN! HEAD!

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Rex Morgan, M.D., 9/16/23

Shoutout to Rex Morgan, which, when its armed kidnapping plot rapidly devolved into discussions about the easiest way to transfer money, decided to keep digging and get into a whole thing about ordering room service. “I’m armed, remember?” says Rene, in a desperate attempt to drag the excitement level back up, but nobody’s listening, nobody cares.

Gil Thorp, 9/16/23

Shoutout to Gil Thorp for just having Gil deliver pure unadulterated gnomic bullshit directly to the cameras. “We just need to refocus … I have a feeling this is going to be a long season,” he intones, transfixing readers at home with an eerie Kubrick stare. You don’t need to go so hard, Gil, it’s only week one of the season!

Pluggers, 9/16/23

Wait, is Pluggers implying that a thing that we had in the past and no longer have might’ve been less than perfect? UNACCEPTABLE, BURN THE HERETIC