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I do hope that no one who reads this blog (except for that bastard Bil Keane) takes my misanthropic rantings seriously. The reader who I named and shamed as the “Pervert from Edmonton” yesterday has revealed herself to be a very nice person named Sarah, who, as she put it, “was bored at work and tried to come up the most bizarre searches possible containing only words found in your blog. It amused me greatly and managed to kill almost 20 minutes.”

Now, obviously I would never criticize anyone who is using my blog to avoid working, since that is more or less what I use it for. (In fact, I’m avoiding work right now!) Sarah suggests such time-wasting activity as good fodder for a contest, which I heartily agree with, so go nuts, everybody. We’ll see if I can distinguish between the zany searches from my loyal readers and filthy searches from actual perverts.

Oh, and a linkback goes to Things I hate about…, which is a blog that, believe it or not, is much more misanthropic than mine.