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The Lockhorns, 9/8/04

Some days, there are multiple comics in the paper just screaming out to be analyzed, praised, and/or skewered. And some days, there … aren’t. This is one of the latter kind of days, so here we go with a topic that I’ve been saving up for a dry spell: the Lockhorns’ feet.

Aren’t they funny looking? I think as a comic artist works for a while, their drawings must eventually become more and more abstract. The Lockhorns’ feet are essentially irregular pentagons. I like the way they splay out there. Kind of duck-like. Most of the characters have the same color pants and feet, too, which make them look like they’re wearing footie pajamas. It makes me laugh.

Um … OK, that’s pretty much it. Crap, I thought I could milk this for a bit longer. Better luck tomorrow, I hope.