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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 10/8/04

Fellas, don’t let the ladies fool you when they talk about wanting men who are “sensitive”, “caring”, “literate”, or “not felons”. Since time immemorial, girls have always gone in for bad boys. No matter how nicely they dress, with their big fluffy pastel-colored bows and such, they’re inevitably hanging around places where bad boys go — bars, detention, prison — waiting to get their hands on some surly, untameable stallion.

It’s good to see that the teachers in Hootin’ Holler, untouched by the educational reforms that have swept over the U.S. since the end of the Hoover administration, are still publicly humiliating naughty children Cultural Revolution-style. Also, Whar Th’ Boys Are would be a great beach movie in which four hillbillies, or possibly four pirates, came to Ft. Lauderdale on spring break in search of a little action.