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Since most of you aren’t going to be digging through the archives today, I am reprinting here a comment that was added tonight to a B.C. post from July:

i dont understand any of them. dont you have any kid orrented ones. i spelled that wrong didnt i? well there you go! i have to find caveman jokes for school but i cant find any! mambye you could try to find ones that an eleven year old such as i would understand. sincerly me!

Comment by Kenzie — 10/24/2004 @ 10:34 pm

So I urge everyone who has a caveman joke suitable for an eleven-year-old to go back to the original page and post it there. Now, no being mean! Kenzie’s experienced enough postmodern cruelty-as-entertainment on this site, I’m sure. I’d tell you her e-mail address, but, quite wisely, she says “im not aloud to give it to strangers.”

Once you’re done being nice to a small child, you can go back to cruelty-as-entertainment in a funny McSweeny’s article called “Excerpts From Dagwood Bumstead’s Intervention.” Thanks to the aforementioned Editrix (who has revealed herself as “Amy Lewis”) for the tip.