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Earlier today, IRTCSYDHT was subjected to a puzzling series of posts touting the quality of a particular Web site’s online Texas Hold ‘Em tournament matches. While this information may be interesting to some, I deemed it to be non-comic-related and therefore purged it. I also changed some of the settings of the blog so that, if a comment contains certain suspect phrases, it goes into a queue that I have to moderate, which, since I have no life and spend much of my day in front of the computer, I will do in fairly short order. So what I’m saying is, if you try to post a comment and it doesn’t appear right away, particularly if it contains words or phrases like “Texas” or “Hold ‘Em” or “Texas Hold ‘Em” or “OH MY GOD I HAD SEX WITH MY DOG,” don’t panic: if it’s legit, it’ll show up soon.