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Beetle Bailey, 11/11/04

Many comic strips today offered Veterans’ Day wishes to the veterans, and I of course assumed that the most militaristic of the comic strips would tip its hat towards the men and women of the military. I just didn’t think that it would do so in such a bizarre fashion. I guess the U.S. military really isn’t stretched as thin as all that, since the denizens are Camp Swampy don’t seem in any danger of being shipped out to Iraq. But still, while those who go and actually fight in wars get all the glory, we must remember to honor the forgotten veterans: those that stay in the U.S. and get the living bejeezus beaten out of them by their commanding officers for no good reason. Because remember, if their commanders weren’t taking it out on them, they’d be taking it out on you. At least, that’s the message I’m getting from Beetle Bailey.

Note to anyone seeking to infiltrate a military base for nefarious purposes: Pretend to be a flower delivery van driver! Army guys love flowers.