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Kudzu, 11/19/04

Ah, Kudzu, never afraid to take on the tough, controversial topics. See, the strip sometimes takes a break from beating up on strawman caricatures of left-wing ideas to poke a little fun at prominent right-wing figures. Presumably this is to kowtow to the all-powerful liberals who run all aspects of this country (except for the Presidency, the Congress, and, coming soon, most of the Supreme Court). Anyway, proving once again that she’s the most pointless and out-of-place character in this strip, the parakeet (whose name I cannot be bothered to look up) manages to baffle America’s comics readership by (a) having a cell phone and (b) somehow, and for some reason, giving its number to Bill O’Reilly. (The fact that Bill O’Reilly wants to talk dirty on the phone to a bird will, sadly, not baffle America’s comics readership.)

Anyway, I thought I’d put this punchline to better use than Kudzu’s making of it:

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