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The moment I’ve been dreading is here. In today’s Baltimore Sun was an announcement that the comics section will soon be getting an “extreme makeover.” Accompanying the article was a ballot in which readers were asked to choose their ten favorite current comics. This is clearly an attempt to force a Sophie’s Choice-style dilemma on loyal comics readers before the powers that be down on Calvert Street decide to impose Marvin or Baby Blues or some such on us, or, even worse, cut the comics section in half.

Now, in my expert opinion, it’s the soap opera strips — my precious, precious soap opera strips — that are in biggest danger of elimination, because, despite my best efforts to impress the depth of their horrible hilarity onto the uncomprehending minds of the populace at large, most of those minds remain uncomprehending. So, this is the moment where we find out if IRTCSYDHT has the power to unleash an army of rabid followers out onto the world. Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Go to the Sun’s comics ballot page (I’ll put a link at the end of this post).
  2. Vote for Apartment 3-G, Mark Trail, Mary Worth, The Phantom, Prince Valiant, and Rex Morgan, M.D. (along with four others of your choice; I suggest you include the Lockhorns).
  3. If you happen to live in the Baltimore area and have a copy of today’s Sun, cut out the actual physical paper ballot from the paper and send it through the actual physical mail (not forgetting the actual physical stamp).

That link for the voting is I have no qualms about this electronic ballot stuffing. After the presidential election, I now know that such desperate measures are necessary to preserve all that’s good about our way of life. Of course, if blog rants actually affected voting patterns, then the presidential election might have turned out differently.

Update: While I was in the middle of writing this post, ever-faithful reader Sue Trowbridge indicated in a comment on a previous post that she had already followed these steps unprompted by me, winning her the first-ever IRTCSYDHT Golden Tommy award. If there’s anyone out there with the skills, equipment, and free time to craft a trophy shaped like everyone’s favorite Mary Worth-based meth dealer, we could give this entirely notional award some physical substance. Also, I should say hello to the many, many of you who have arrived here from