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Apartment 3-G, 10/31/04

Today’s Apartment 3-G trades in two vicious stereotypes about New York City’s residents: that they’re callous, and that they’re stupid. As noted earlier, we just spent a lovely weekend in this gracious city, and if we had been forced to escape from our cruel overlord by hiding out in the back of a flower truck, I think people would have been nicer to us, or at least a little more curious. (“Hmm, terrified, English-impaired young women keep trying to stow away in our van whenever we have deliveries to that mysterious compound — that’s odd. Hey, how’d the Nets do last night?”) I do like the pink- and blue-attired, stroller-pushing, fashion refugees from 1962. Their dialogue in the last panel sounds marginally less stilted if you imagine them as two little old Jewish ladies, though.

I’ve really been drawn to the Sunday Apartment 3-Gs lately. Maybe the evil floating heads have hypnotized me! Must … do … floating heads’ … bidding …