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Apartment 3-G, 12/29/04

Though I may on occasion fill this space with rants about my cranky opinions and/or the incredibly minor setbacks in my personal life that fill me with rage, I never lose sight of my “core mission” (as they used to say in the business world before I got laid off from it), which is, of course, to read the comics so you don’t have to. So, because I know all of you, especially those readers left bereft by the Baltimore Sun, want to know what’s happening to captive Margo, I’ll tell you: Eldon copped a plea, his slave-managing minions fled the sweatshop, the oppressed garment workers liberated themselves, and Margo, turning her back on her newfound friends as soon as she was no longer forced to spend her time or her rat-infested sleeping quarters with them, took a cab to Manhattan and headed for the tub. Problem solved. There’s no trauma that can’t be washed away by bubble bath!

A comment posted on an earlier strip in this storyline speculated that maybe the whole point of this plot was to force Margo to learn the true meaning of Christmas. I’m beginning to suspect that the real purpose was to create an excuse for another patented Apartment 3-G sexy bath scene.