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Apartment 3-G, 1/18/05

Jiminy Cricket, that is one ugly paperweight. The image quality isn’t very good, so you may not be able to see that the little tag hanging awkwardly off the side of it reads “Butterflies are free.” It’s sad, but probably accurate, that the sort of people who would be nice enough to send a holiday gift to a pretty young middle-class white stranger who was briefly forced to work in a sweatshop are also the sort of people who would be charmed by this kind of heinous kitschy crap.

Ironically, the paperweight itself was almost certainly made in a sweatshop somewhere in Southeast Asia.

In the aftermath of her release from captivity, Margo had threatened to start thinking of others before herself and worrying about important issues in the world at large. In other words, she was on the verge of becoming as dull as LuAnn, though admittedly smarter. Fortunately for Apartment 3-G lovers everywhere, the outpouring of sympathy and devotion she’s receiving here will no doubt soon inflate her ego back up to its appropriate level.