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Curtis, 1/3/05

Once a year, Curtis takes a break from its usual urban tomfoolery to present an opaque Kwaanza fable set in some mythical ancient African locale. This year, though, the strip has moved the seasonal tale to an shameful time in our own history, when six-fingered persons were cruelly oppressed and shunned. Thankfully, we live in more enlightened times, when our digital diversity is celebrated with national events like Polydactylism Week (August 3-9).

Though I can never quite grasp the point behind the plots of the Kwaanza stories, they do feature some of the most interesting art seen in the strip. I like the long first panel here, with the sort of trippy, melty piano-y thing going on towards the middle. I have to say that I’m less in favor of the gratuitous use of quotation marks around words like “knack” and “Joe” and “untouchable.” And the less said about “naturallyier,” the better.