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Family Circus, 9/10/21

A lot has changed for me, both in my life and vis-à-vis my relationship to the comics, since I started this blog in 2004, and definitely the one change I would’ve been least likelty to predict is that I would come to have an occasional grudging admiration for the Family Circus. And I didn’t even have to become a parent for it to happen! Yes, the strip is like 75% darnedest-thing-saying and reused art by volume, but every once in a while you get a great image like today’s, when Daddy has very clearly just had the epiphany that he could be doing literally anything else right now.

Curtis, 9/10/21

Curtis is doing a thing this week where our title character confronts rival mobs of pro- and anti-mask parents in front of his school and I have literally no interest in engaging with it, but I do want to say that “Look, everyone, a child wearing his hat backwards wanting to speak!” is definitely the funniest thing I’ve read this week.

Mark Trail, 9/10/21

A lot has changed for Mark Trail over the years, too, but I’m happy to report that there is one constant in the Trailian multiverse and that is that Mark is absolutely ripped.

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Gil Thorp, 8/23/21

Say what you will about Gil Thorp, and I’ve said a lot, but at least it has a certain level of realism that other strips lack, in the sense that it’s about a high school sports program and the teams have mediocre seasons more often than not, like most high school teams do. This realism even extends to its characters’ everyday non-sports lives! Did you know that proving your mettle with some cool detective work isn’t going to secure you a journalism career? It really isn’t! Sorry, Heather! I guess you’ll be breaking the glass ceiling and becoming the first woman to get an unpaid “job” coaching high school football in Milford, I’m sure that will open up all sorts of opportunities for you.

Dick Tracy, 8/23/21

One of my favorite sci-fi short stories is Isaac Asimov’s “The Dead Past,” about a near-future society where technology that can view the past has been invented but its nature is kept secret and its use is heavily restricted by the government, and a group of heroic historians and scientists manage to reinvent it and publish the plans worldwide, only to realize too late that a machine that can see 1,000 years into the past can also see 30 seconds into the past and they’ve just eliminated privacy for everyone, everywhere, forever. Dick is going to be thrilled to hear about this invention, in other words.

Rex Mogan, M.D., 8/23/21

“Plus, uh, remember all that stolen valor I did? Probably for the best not to invite those guys, is what I’m saying. I’m all about the future, not the past!”

Curtis, 8/23/21

You can put your dad’s face on your social media accounts, Curtis, but his butt? That’s reserved for paying subscribers to big_ass_greg’s OnlyFans account.

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Judge Parker, 8/18/21

Damn it, Judge Parker, it’s fine when I accuse the Spencer-Drivers of doing a little light insurance fraud, but I don’t like the vibes when someone does it in-strip. Honestly, it’s quite funny that Sam and Abbey, who used to be rich and carefree, are now locked in a life-or-death battle with a suburban mayor, surely one of the least powerful positions in American politics. I guess it’s possible that he’s frustrated and bored because like most suburban mayors he’s actually just a glorified city council member so he’s getting his kicks by burning down his enemies’ B&Bs, I dunno.

Curtis, 8/18/21

This is a fairly typical “Greg is vaguely condescending/preachy about modern life” Curtis strip but what really elevates it is the first panel dialogue: “People sure are busy being nasty these days.” Honestly I love it and want to use it in whatever context I can going forward. “Nasty” as a generic term of abuse is of course endearing but what really gets me is that people aren’t just being nasty but are busy being nasty these days. It’s a phrase that can apply to anyone. Too-big-for their britches athletes or actors? Those clowns in Congress? Your no-good neighbors? They sure are all being nasty, these days!