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A few weeks after I started out this blog, readers pointed me in the direction of a similar project that I had never seen before: Funny Paper, a hilarious feature that had run on the Web site of my own fair city’s weekly City Paper. Funny Paper’s tagline was “We read the comics so you don’t have to.” This was remarkably similar to the title of my blog, but since Funny Paper seemed to have stopped publishing around six months before I began my own endeavor, I figured the coincidence didn’t matter much. Well, last week I got an email from the writers of Funny Paper, saying that they felt rather proprietary about the phrase, and that their column wasn’t defunct, only “on hiatus.” So, since they were first and all, I have now changed names. Behold, the Comics Curmudgeon! You will now be able to access this blog at Of course, the address will still work, since nobody (myself included) can spell “curmudgeon” consistently.