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Get Fuzzy, 2/10/05

Not to horn in on the territory of the excellent Comics I Don’t Understand, but, well, I don’t understand Rob’s statement in panel one. “Go down as easy as a Parisian in a penalty box?” The beautiful, currently-on-strike sport of ice hockey is played by many nationalities, but the French are not known for the prowess in the game, since the smoking generally leaves them short of breath. (French Canadians are another story, of course, but they might as well be from Indiana as far as most Parisians are concerned.) Is it supposed to be double entendre, and I just don’t get it? Or is it a double entendre that sounds dirty but doesn’t really mean anything, like “the dreaded rear admiral”? Any help would be much appreciated.

Anyway, despite my bafflement and the strip’s somewhat juvenile subject matter, it still made me laugh, mostly at the phrase “Prepare to lose that particular 25 cents, my friend.” Ah, when home brewers boast, only to be felled by their own hubris.