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Mark Trail, 2/11/05

Is anyone else painfully disappointed that this Mark Trail adventure is about to abruptly end thanks to an oh-so-convenient passing helicopter, and will apparently not feature Mark fighting off vicious sharks armed only with his encyclopedic understanding of sea life and his bare fists? Instead, it looks like we’ll get a quick flight back to shore, followed by the arrests of some coke-smugglin’ no-goodniks. B-o-o-ring!

On the other hand, our incredulous (or perhaps all-too-credulous) helicopter pilot seems to think Mark is being held close to the surface of the sea by some supernatural force; perhaps he’ll mistake the outdoorsman for Christ Himself. If word gets out, there’s no telling how Mark, drunk with power, will exploit his legions of followers. Perhaps there’s hope for my harem-of-polo-shirted-women idea yet.

Speaking of polo shirts, this strip also features sign #293 that Mark Trail is not drawn by a gay man (or, if it is, then by a gay man with a good deal of restraint): despite the fact that he’s soaking wet, Mark’s shirt is singularly failing to cling to his rugged, manly physique in a provocative manner.