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Sally Forth, 1/29/05

Maybe the nature of this blog has left me seeing comic self-referentiality everywhere, but this edition of Sally Forth strikes me as a bold declaration of intent: this comic is not going to be doing work comic strips anymore. Now that Ralph is gone, there’s no more point! Everything at work is happy and sunshine and candycanes and la la la! No conflict! And without conflict, there’s no story! (If only the strip had come to that realization about a week sooner.) It’s the equivalent of offering to fight someone with one hand tied behind your back. Sally Forth has publicly stated that it doesn’t need work jokes. Take that, Dilbert!

Personally, I think the strip will come crawling back to the old office humor. Sally’s description of future joke topics — “family, Hilary, home life” — all seem to be pretty much the same topic to me. Hopefully work-related chaos will break out again before it the strip becomes an only-child version of the Family Circus.

Bonus observation: apparently Sally’s wonderful new supervisor, Jefferson Jowdy, has relaxed the dress code in the HR department, since Sally appears to have worn a glow-in-the-dark skull Cypress Hill concert t-shirt to work.