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Mary Worth, 3/11/05

Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary: never has your evil plotting been so involved, or so fruitful in human misery. After doing her darndest to push together barren Anna and baby-crazed Dr. Brian, now — now — she’s all “honesty” and “open communication” and what have you. Instead of, you know, a few months ago, when her advice involved surreptitious homewrecking. She’s no doubt besides herself with glee at the trouble that’s about to ensue here. For her sake, we need to hope that Anna doesn’t catch on and strangle her with her own kicky pink cravat.

Look at Dr. Brian’s open, excited expression in panel two: he’s rarin’ to go for another round of baby-making magic! Meanwhile, Anna’s stoic look in panel one shows that she’s grimly resigned to enduring tonight’s fertilization-themed pillow talk from the good doctor.