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Rex Morgan, M.D., 3/13/05

I think we need to go a little easier on no-bucks Buck the grad student and his Arafat-esque perpetual stubble. In this sequence, we can see that, in addition to some antibiotics for his filthy wound, June has apparently lent Buck one of her husband’s razors: his face in panel one is so smooth that he looks like a teenage girl headed for her first Pat Benetar concert, circa 1983. Yet mere moments later, those baby-butt-smooth cheeks look more like the saggy tuckus of your fiftysomething Uncle Larry, which is to say: covered with hair. Clearly he’s got some sort of glandular condition and doesn’t deserve our constant mockery.

On the other hand, he could very easily push those stray hairs out of his face. I can only guess that he’s hoping that they’ll drive Mrs. Dr. M. crazy and that she’ll eventually gently move them aside for him … their touch will be electric and she’ll suddenly been overwhelmed by the feelings of loneliness, the aching, the longing … fortunately for all concerned, Fence Post Frank is there to chaperone. Unless he’s busy burying little what’s-her-face, who we haven’t seen in quite a while, in the backyard with all the other skeletons.