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When I was about 14, my mom urged to me to go down to the local mall because they were looking for teen models. Mortified, I locked myself in my room and didn’t come out for a year. But if I had only listened to her advice, I could be have become a supermodel, instead of wasting my time with distractions like “college” and whatnot. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Remember, if you are the proud owner of some Comics Curmudgeon gear, just photograph yourself wearing it and send the pic to me to join the rotating cast of models in the left-hand navbar. You could be the first to appear sporting a jaunty Fence Post Frank hat (after you become the first to buy one — you people are all talk).

The observant among you have already noted that we’ve added a new model to the mix: that’s the future Mrs. C.’s brother showing his Apartment 3-G pride. And hey, NYC-area ladies: he’s single! So if you’re living in an apartment in Manhattan with two adventure-loving roommates, he can add exciting new plotlines to your slow-moving life.