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Gil Thorp, 6/7/05

I realize that I haven’t been keeping you in the loop much since the big police bust in Gil Thorp a few weeks ago. Basically, through a ludicrous sitcom-style contrived overheard conversation, the Milford jocks/compulsive gamblers now know that there’s a card cheater in their midst, but they haven’t figured out who it is. Today’s installment manages to drag out the supposed drama of the situation for another day before the shocking denouement. It’s a transparent attempt to make us care about a not-so-interesting kerfuffle. And yet … it works on me! I’m interested, nay, eager to know who’s making this dramatic off-camera announcement, even though I know that he or she will be so poorly drawn that I won’t be able to tell who it is! I’ve been sucked in! Damn you, Gil Thorp! Damn you straight to hell!