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Apartment 3-G, 6/5/06

Let’s take a break from the current brain-taxing (or is it mind-numbing?) Apartment 3-G storyline and, like our leering layabouts in panel four, appreciate the sight of these two fine ladies enjoying a jog. Apparently these two jokers are a constant discomfort-causing presence on that particular park bench, because unlike the casually limb-exposing joggers in the background, Margo and Tommie have taken the precaution of covering up every inch of potentially titillating skin. Under most circumstances, Margo’s turtleneck would qualify as the Most Prudish Workout Outfit Ever, but Tommie has one-upped her by incomprehensibly choosing to wear a black polo shirt under her long-sleeved tracksuit! This way, once their running route takes them through Little Lancaster, Brooklyn’s famous Amish district, all they’ll have to do to avoid being pelted with stones is pull out their bonnets.

This entry simply cannot end without taking a few potshots at the individual at the far right of panel three. The pulled-up white socks, the knock-kneed, falling-forward, spasmodic running style, the dark glasses — he’s got “victim” written all over him. Godspeed, buddy. Watch out for the dude in the backwards baseball cap — after that glare from Margo, he’s gonna be pissed.