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Get Fuzzy, 6/12/05

I spend so much time raging against suck here that it’s good for the soul to stop and contemplate a strip that I like once in a while. This isn’t even a particular standout of the Get Fuzzy oeuvre, but there’s much about it to like: the way the top of Rob’s head and tip of his finger just barely protrude out of the frame of the first panel, or Satchel’s varying and funny but completely recognizably dog-life facial expressions (which include his ears — the most important part of a dog’s “face”). But what caught my eye here is a silly but very in-character touch: Satchel dots his i’s with hearts, like a twelve-year-old girl. If Bucky could write, one wonders what he’d dot his i’s with — a skull and crossbones, perhaps?