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Back at the turn of the century, when I was working at a doomed San Francisco dot-com, our CEO used to say that everything was about “dollars and eyeballs.” Our job, as he put it, was to “monetize eyeballs.” (He also referred to revealing our troubled financial situation to potential investors as “opening the kimono,” but that’s a traumatic story for a different time.)

Anyway, it’s recently occurred to me that there’s a page on this site that gets an awful lot of eyeballs, but hasn’t been monetized: the comments pop-up! The way I see it, the lot of you compulsively-commenting bastards could be paying your way with lucrative ad impressions. So I’m going waste some time this afternoon trying to see if I can jimmy an ad strip onto that thing. What with my rudimentary HTML skills, you may notice that the comment page is thus a little screwed up. Don’t panic! I’ll post an update here when I think I’m done; if it’s still screwed up, then you can panic.

Update: OK, I think it’s working right. If you’re having problems with the comments page, though, please e-mail me and let me know. Screenshots are helpful.