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Mary Worth, 7/12/05

The Comics Curmudgeon (TCC) and the Future Mrs. Curmudgeon (TFMC) are taking a walk. TCC is describing today’s Mary Worth to his intended.

TCC: … and you see all these vibration lines coming off of Rita in all directions. She’s got the shakes, man! She’s definitely going to drop those damn swans. And when she does, she’ll realize what a pathetic loser she is, and then…

TFMC: She’ll slit her wrists with one of the shards?

TCC: Wow. I was going to say that she was going to check herself into the Betty Ford Clinic, but that’s … much better.

TFMC: Don’t you think “shard” is a good word?

Ain’t I lucky, folks? Not only is she willing to talk about Mary Worth on our walks, but she’s always willing to push the envelope of good taste, which is what this blog needs. Here’s to true love!

Speaking of love, I don’t love the fact that I have to go in for potential jury tomorrow (especially seeing as it’s supposed to be 87 degrees and humid and shorts are considered “inappropriate attire” for the courtroom). Hopefully my unkempt appearance and/or cranky political views will keep me from holding some poor sap’s life in my hands, but if I do have to serve, postings may be a wee bit spotty for a bit. I shall keep you all posted, since I know you all care, desperately.