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It has come to my attention that the comments pop-up on the main page has suddenly stopped working. This, I promise, is not something that is happening on purpose as part of a scheme to force you all to go over to the new forums. It’s a garden-variety technical screw-up. I’m on it, to the extent that I in my technical quasicompentence can be said to be “on” anything in this regard. More soon.

Update: You’ve no doubt all noticed, comments are back up and running. The problem was at my Web host — they just installed some server doohicky that interfered with some other server thingamabob that was in charge of the popup comments. They fixed it while I was out enjoying a vigorous swim. Ah, to have people who take care of things (even if they caused the problem in the first place).

Also, as a note for posterity, today is my one-year anniversary, and this is my 365th post. In other words, despite my long absences, I really am averaging a post a day!