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Apartment 3-G, 8/21/05

Time-and-space-warpingly dull the current storyline of Apartment 3-G may be, but Sunday’s whacked-out installment reminds us why we love it. Flailing limbs, radiating bobble-head motion lines, near catfights over secondhand clothing — ah, pure bliss. I think Margo’s look of panic in the second panel of the middle row as her precious, precious hideous yellow jacket is yanked away may be her best ever. Still, Lu Ann shouldn’t be so smug about the number she just pulled on her brunette roommate — with the many close relationships Margo formed in the sweatshop sector, she can probably get those twenty shirts to Lu Ann for less than eight cents a shirt.

By the way, a little Googling doesn’t bring anything up for “Granger” as a designer or brand name for clothing. Are the strip’s writers so lazy that they just used the first WASPy name that popped into their heads instead of doing thirty seconds of research to come up with a real label? Or is the fashion world united in its refusal to be associated with this deeply unhip comic?