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Apartment 3-G, 10/09 (last panel) and 10/10/05

If you read Sunday’s Apartment 3-G, you might have been fooled into thinking that something — anything — was going to happen this week. Ha! Lu Ann’s freaked-out head bobble turned out to be entirely a result of a bad phone connection. She goes from wide-eyed panic to heavy-lidded, opium-numbed satisfaction in just two panels. This is even lamer than Spider-Man’s narrative delaying tactics from a few months ago. At least Tommie got to look on in sympathetic horror briefly, which is more than she usually has to work with.

Incidentally, in panel two Scott is looking an awful lot like former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay:

Maybe he thinks working with retarded Dominican children will get people to forget the whole indictment thing?