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Shoe, 10/24/05

Isn’t it enough, O current toilers over at Shoe central, that you have glommed onto the legacy of a successful comic strip and can pretty much blather on in a vaguely amusing fashion over two or three panels every day because if the strip were to get pulled, dozens of doddering Korean War veterans would write nasty leaders saying that they didn’t get strafed by the Red Chinese just so they could come home to a nation so ungrateful that it took their favorite comic out of the paper? Don’t you at least have the common courtesy to make the jokes in Shoe relate in some peripheral way to the characters and/or setting? Did you have no other way to offer up this lame-ass, heaving, flopping, stinking, sorry slab of non-humor than in the context of a completely nonsensical “letter to the editor” that no one would ever, ever write? Were you so bursting with anticipation on this joke that you felt you had to share it with all of us, those who fought honorably in Korea and those who did not? Were there no family barbecues where you could trot out this little number and let it die a deserved death? Were there no brothers in law or adorable towheaded nephews you could inflict it upon? Did it have to be this way? Have you no sense of decency, sirs, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?