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Do you hate the new layout for the site that I hastily threw together right before I got married? Of course you do: all right-thinking people do. Well, I think I’ve managed to come up with an alternative, one will improve on just about everything. So if things look wacky for the next little while, it’s because I’m fine-tuning it. Feel free to post any comments on how great it is, or problems you have with it, on this post.

Update: OK, so that seems to have gone relatively smoothly. I’m sure there are quirks, though, so this is the place to gripe about ’em.

Update II: OK, I’ve managed to fix a lot of problems, but I’ve still got one that is held over from the previous layout — its been driving me nuts since I switched to WordPress 1.5. I am posting this as a plea for help from l33t CSS hax0rs. Basically, on my old WordPress 1.2 layout, images could be as wide as they wanted: if they were wider than the main column, they just cheerfully extruded over the right margin. But in both the previous template and this one, comics that are wider than the main column just get pushed down below the nav bar. I have been reducing the size of the comics somewhat to try to minimize the number of people this happens to, but my ideal would be to go back to the way things were, since I’m never going to keep the comics a reasonable size and accommodate all users. (You’d be surprised how many of my visitors have 800 by 600 screens.) But I don’t have a clue how to even begin figuring what the differences in the layouts were that caused this change. A clue would be appreciated!

Update III: Electric Boogalee: More tweaking imminent. Things may look funky in the near future.

Update IV: The new batch: OK, some of the issues, like the grey stripe and the post numbers vs. sidebar issue, should now be fixed. Still can’t figure out why the big comics don’t like the sidebar though. Please help, helpful people!