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The Middletons, 12/5/05

Old people … they don’t know anything about the new days … watch. “Hey, granny, pretty soon you’ll need to go on the Web to make sure you get your Social Security checks! What? No, the Web doesn’t have anything to do with spiders! It involves a computer, which you’re terrified of using and can’t afford on your fixed income. Don’t cry, though; I hear the supermarket gives out week-old donuts and damaged cans of dog food after closing time on Thursdays!”

The Middletons have waded into the comedy gold mine that is the generation gap before, though usually in this strip the humor content (such as it is) derives from the elderly lady here being much more hep to modern-day cultural touchstones (like the rock and roll music that’s all the rage these days) than her son. Of course, this joke is so soul-searingly hilarious that it’s totally worth it to throw out this established aspect of her character.