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Since I’m so terrifically self-effacing, I normally refrain from drawing attention to my own awesomeness, since I assume that it’s obvious to pretty much everyone. Nevertheless, in the past few days my overwhelming excellence has been externally verified in several contexts, so I thought I’d detail them here for your edification:

  • Sunday’s New York Times Book Review contained an essay written by John Hodgman on several recently published comics collections. Not only was my blog cited in the third paragraph, but it was even referred to as “popular.” Read it here (you need to register with the NYTimes to read it, I think, but doing so is free).
  • Some outfit known as the “Weblog Awards” has me as one of the ten finalists for “Best Humor/Comics Blog” for 2005. Though I have not previously heard of this awards feature, my presence on this list totally proves its validity, as far as I’m concerned. Also, apparently the winner will be determined by reader votes, so I think you all know what you need to do.
  • As near as I can tell from my referral logs, a link to my blog is being circulated on, the for-pay version of, which, if you don’t know what it is, is kind of hard to explain, but it has an enormous readership. If anyone is a Totalfark subscriber and would be so kind as to explain what’s being said about me behind that subscription wall, I’d love to hear it. If a link to my site appears on Fark’s front page, I’ll probably either become a millionaire or be responsible for reducing my Web host’s servers to a heap of molten metal.

All this is enough to give a guy a big head. Fortunately, I’ve also had some online help in keeping humble. A while ago, I posted here a photo of myself at a particularly awkward age. Said photo has been reused for somewhat humiliating purposes at a Spanish-language Web log. All I can say is: the Internet is weird.

Update: Apparently it’s considered polite to link to the other nominees for the prestigious Weblog Awards, as I’ve been getting lots of traffic from them. So here’s my competition:

Now get over there and vote! Remember, you can and should vote for me once every 24 hours. Right now I’m getting my ass handed to me by Jesus’ General, but don’t let the power of Christ compel you to hold back.

Update #2: Also, my site has found its way onto Pointless Waste of Time’s Mirth Canal, which consists of more fun fun clicky clicky ratings of sites by you, the unwashed Web-surfing masses. Again, I humbly solicit your votes.