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Get Fuzzy, 1/18/06

It has come to my attention that some of my readers do not find Get Fuzzy amusing. These people are, for lack of a more subtle word, wrong. Let us count the things that made me laugh about today’s installment:

  1. The phrase “he would reject it as being unrealistically squalid.”
  2. Rob’s spindly legs.
  3. Bucky’s palms-up outspread paws.
  4. Bucky’s pot belly.
  5. Bucky’s sly look. Imagine if Sally Forth used the phrase “shoebox full of dead rats” when she deployed her sly look. That feature would be improved thereby.
  6. The phrase “a shoebox full dead rats.”

If you are not convinced, there is no hope for you. Now if you’ll excuse me, my cat is demanding to be let in from the back porch. Hopefully she doesn’t have another rat to add to the shoebox.