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Rex Morgan, M.D., 2/14/06

I’m guessing that, on Valentine’s Day, a lot of my readers who like the ladies wish they were all domestic with June Morgan, N.P. And it’s not just because of her ample bosom, or unnaturally bendy physique. No, June is a dream girl because she’s so gosh-darn easy to please. I mean, this is a Valentine’s Day strip, and I don’t see any flowers, or candy, or any of the stuff that Cathy of Cathy has been obsessing about for weeks. But all Rex has to do is brush his nose against her cheek and offer up a little air kiss, and all of the sudden she’s so over the moon that she’s got a little heart floating over her head. If that’s his Valentine’s Day gesture, under what circumstances does he actually deign to touch her skin with his lips? Anniversaries in years divisible by ten?