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Hey, everybody! I’ve rearranged the Comics Curmudgeon store over at CafePress. Go check it out! Everything is now in categories for your convenience, leaving the front page a lot less cluttered.

Now, here’s the thing. I haven’t actually taken advantage of my store’s newfound ability to have multiple logos on the same kind of garment … yet. This is because I’m kind of lazy and the interface for designing new products is kind of clunky. So here’s how this is going to work. Go over to the store, click on the amusing bit of whimsy that you’re interested in sporting on an item of clothing of some kind, and see if any of the stuff already for sale meets your needs. If not, just send me an e-mail letting me know what sort of thing you’d rather have. (You can find a list of the clothes available here, and there’s more crap here.) I should have it up within 24 hours. You could also just leave your request as a comment on this thread, but if you send me mail I’ll be able to write you personally when the item you requested is available. Sounds good? You know it does.

Oh yeah, and anyone who loves Mary Worth (which, I assume, is ALL OF YOU) ought to check out faithful commentor Smitty Q. Smedlap’s latest blog post on the subject.

UPDATE: So it turns out that not all the CafePress schwag at that second link is available for me to slap logos on in my store. Sorry ’bout that. I was looking forward to selling Aldomania flasks as much as you were looking forward to buying them.