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I’m thrilled Josh asked me to serve as Curmudgeon-in-Residence while he and the lovely Amber take yet another well-deserved break – full details on the previous post. Of course, there’s no replacing Josh, and I won’t even try. But as gracious reader and fellow Uncle Remus suggested, perhaps I can aspire to be the Scaduto to Josh’s Hatlo, or the Jeffy to his Bil:

Then again, perhaps not.

Anyway, I’ll try to make myself useful around the Cathedral while Josh is in Arizona – file the encyclicals, dust the cobwebs out of the collection box, take down the Christmas lights, that sort of thing. Oh, and MonkeyHawk, could you come get the Pacer? It’s blocking the driveway for the hearses – I’ve given up on Walt and Grampa Foob, but Rachel and Cancer Gal have been looking pretty pale.

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