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Once again, I put off Sunday’s strips till Monday, but I do want to start your week off right with some sweet, sweet comment of the week action. This week’s top comment:

“Near as I can tell, Gil Thorp’s idea of basketball is judo-chopping a ball into a large basket of gingerbread men. Finally, something in this strip that makes sense.” –Rhekarid

And the many funny runners-up:

A3G makes sense once you realize that everyone’s in eighth grade!” –AppleGirl

Crankshaft is a lot like those Taco Bell commercials where hip young late-twentysomethings talk about the latest disgusting food offering from Taco Bell in that I hate both of them. The similarities pretty much end there, but I needed to get that off my chest.” –Joe

“Tommie’s outfit is hot … if she’s wearing a skirt with a bustle and high-button shoes and it’s 1892.” –gnome de blog

“Also, that ‘DAYS LATER’ in Gil Thorp really threw me for a loop. It’s a bold insight into the workings of the Thorpiverse. It could have been just minutes after the game, it could have been DAYS LATER, sure; but couldn’t it just as easily be a thousand generations hence, on some distant planetary colony? Apparently, yes, it could. You can’t tell the characters apart, anyways, so this supports my hypothesis.” –Foobar

“Bil Keane on Drawing. Today’s lesson: perspective. ‘When you draw the smug, angry face on your basketball-headed caricature of a son, only give his bulbous pig nose one nostril!'” –Steve S

“If there is justice, then the precipitation in Gil Thorp is nuclear fallout.” –Analyzer

MW: Until this strip, I never realized how very very hard it is to draw Asian people. I can almost see the tongues sticking out of the artists’ mouths and the sweat beading on their foreheads as they labor over those ever-so-tricky Asian features.” –Poteet

“Of course, who could sleep with Aunt Rachel and Groves going at it hammer-and-tongs with the screams of ‘Here comes the butter for YOUR scones!’ echoing through the apartment. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.” –willethompson

“Of course, [Cedric]’s only working for Rachel for a week. Which means he’ll soon be looking for other temp work. Which will probably involve working as a life model at Neddy’s school, much to her embarrassment and titillation. This being Judge Parker, he’ll turn out to have a physique like the original GI Joes — buff, ripped and lacking a penis.” –cheech wizard

“What’s up with Gina? Disturbing hairdo and tendency to leer mischievously at her friend making out with Timothy Dalton aside, in previous strips she is always depicted as shorter and more petite than Tommy. Now, in today’s installment, she suddenly looms over her Victorian-garbed friend like a pigtailed Colossus of Rhodes. Is she standing on a box or something? Maybe she abruptly put on some platform shoes? Or is she just a woman with freaky hair who has a super-power that enables her to change her size?” –Lyman Returns

A3G: I know it’s no ‘Theodore,’ but I just like calling Neil ‘Jacuzzi McDude.'” –Red Greenback

“If Bandar medicine is anything like Bandar livery or Bandar haberdashery, I’d say Mozz is in some deep shit.” –SmartPeopleOnIce

“I typically comment about how manly the women are drawn in GT, but it strikes me that Lisa Wyche isn’t only manly here, she also looks like an android. Lil’ Orphan Annie didn’t have pupils, but at least she knew to smile so that she didn’t look like a horrible pod person who had come to destroy us all. I know a few sports fans would argue that Lisa is ‘in the zone,’ but her look says ‘I will destroy you and eat your heart while you sleep.'” –King Folderol

“‘Have you ever seen a Wurlitzer?’ might actually be a great pickup line. Depending on what you want to pick up.” –Old Fogeyette

“In addition to Mary Worth, Judge Parker also features an aged crone nursing a paramour back to health. All the soap comics lately have characters on their deathbed. The metaphor is perfect.” –yellojkt

“Mark is a journalist, not a forest ranger, despite all evidence to the contrary.” –Gabe

“Yes, I’m doing a ‘boy, is the artwork in Gil Thorp terrible’ comment. But it really, really, is!” –HBGlord

“Points are not the only metric for a point guard. Guarding counts too. And, in Gil Thorp, keeping your general appearance from one panel to the next should count for a lot.” –ohyes

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