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Ack, for once I’ve missed my Sunday night COTW target. Let’s get to it before we start on the comics I’m behind on. Here’s this week’s top comment:

A3G: “‘Bad things happened here. I can feel it.’ Obviously, Gabriella has seen Lu Ann’s paintings.” –man behind the curtain

And runners-up!

“I thought it was fairly clear by now that Margo split her father’s forehead from the inside and emerged fully formed astride a chariot pulled by naked, nubile man-slaves. That ‘mother’ is a comically inept character actor she hired cheap from a failing production of The House of Bernarda Alba, and she’s been a bit sorry ever since, but not enough to sacrifice the cover and occasional inadvertent amusement she provides. Though if she ends up actually saving Lu Ann, my guess is it’ll be back to the shadowy realm of telenovela walk-ons and amateur psychic hotline-manning for her. No one saves that twit and gets away with it.” –SecretMargo

“What pisses me off is that Lynn, for some reason, thinks that this whole house-buying arc is somehow interesting in any way, shape, or form. I’m all for contrived melodrama if it’s crazy and ridiculous, but does anybody care about a fundamentally retarded family buying a house? … And even better, the backup story is an old man recovering from a stroke. WHEEEEEEE THE FUN NEVER STOPS IN CANADA” –ararrrar

“Abbey forgot to tell Sam the best part — that she just handed a check for $2.5 million to the bass player from Molly Hatchet.” –Squawk

“Rex is actually holding a crescent wrench in panel two, and when he’s done with Hugh’s bicycle, the subsequent traffic accident will show him how M.D.s deal out justice … hell yeah.” –Johnny Cat

“I wish we could see the reporters’ reaction after Cassandra’s ruse is exposed. ‘What, you mean whales aren’t fish?! No shit, Slylock! Hey, I’ve got another mystery I think you can solve. It’s called the Case of the Clobbered Cockblocker.'” –Piels

Dinnertime at the Morgan household is a festival of self-loathing and unspoken resentment. So basically, like the rest of their day, except with more food.” –Trilobite

“I like in MW that Charterstone’s garbage chute is big enough to stuff a body down without the awkwardness of having to chop it into pieces in the bathtub.” –NotThatGuy

“By any stretch of the English language, does ‘deep sleep him to the moon’ make any sense at all? It must be upsetting to get an urge that you can’t even visualize.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“And the best seat in a plugger’s house is perched precariously on what is probably a threadbare arm of the chair that is held on with duct tape? Pap-Paw seems to tolerate the young’un only because she is holding the bag of salty snacks.” –GotFuzzy

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